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Aldenham Sailing Club is a small friendly dinghy racing sailing club near Watford. Within easy reach of Hertfordshire and North London our main interest is to provide facilities and lively competition for our members. We also welcome and provide training for those new to sailing.

Poole Week 2014

Three ASC members went to Poole this year to discover yet more changes to the programme. The website said that no races would start after 1:30pm but in reality they planned to start from 10 am to make best use of the tides. No more leisurely (slow) drives along the M25 on Saturday morning. The briefing was at 9 am and the numbers of visitors had dropped once again. David Lambert joined a sizeable and competitive Laser fleet sailing 3 races each day with a variety of courses. However there was only one Enterprise left in the Handicap Fleet which ranged from a Mirror to a Fireball and Dart, Parkstone Enterprises having all migrated to RS200, 400 and Flying Fifteens. Les & Alex took the opportunity offered to sail round Brownsea Island on the windiest day, (also very wet) following the Wayfarer Fleet and enjoyed the change from the usual triangle/trapezoid Handicap courses. Due to delayed starts, other commitments and sailing round the island none of the ASC sailors sailed enough races to qualify this year. Maybe next year we could field six plus Enterprises from Aldenham and have our own fleet start!

Les Smith


Last Updated on Friday, 26 September 2014 22:08
Updated Racing Results

Ent Open - Visitors Kevin Bilham and crew Jamie Cammann had won the event by lunchtime with two straightforward wins, but stayed on for the final race which they also won. The sun shone all day and wind strength was better than expected and provided good racing except for the second half of R3.

RS Open - Harry McVicar helmed the first Aldenham boat from thirteen starters. Pete Ellis's report.

Summer 2 - The series is complete. The final two races were sailed as part of the Bart's Bash event - in both cases a mass start with all boats timed and results for the series calculated and entered in their separate classes. It has been a bit of a mammoth effort to do all that, and I will check again, but I believe it is all accurate. Any glaring errors please shout up.  Handicap series now added (two races on BB day).

Wednesday evening - The series is complete

Next racing is the start of Autumn 1 on Sunday 5th October.


Racing results courtesy of



Last Updated on Sunday, 28 September 2014 16:00
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Bart's Bash
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Well the sun shone, the wind blew a good F3-4 straight down the lake, and most of all ASC had 28 starters battling for a place on the line between marks 5 and 6. The massed start was a sight not seen for many years at Aldenham, maybe at one of the Laser Opens - we did get 25 Ents out at an Open about ten years ago. As a result we fully qualified as a participating club and ASC played our part in the biggest simultaneous sailing event ever. We also took £195 in donations on the day on top of any online contributions. We're still not quite sure who won on handicap - that's for the organisers to sort out with their special BB formula - but by good fortune the measured lap worked out almost exactly 1km long! Barry Steel, Mark Donnelly, Colin Carver and around ten followers managed 5 laps this morning and every finisher managed twice the minimum distance required. Well done all who took part.

Special thanks go to our official witnesses: councillors Seamus Quilty and Viv Charrett and the six AODs who helped me run the event: Dan and Peter the cameramen; John and Chas the support boat helms; Chris and Natalie the anchor wo(men) not forgetting Malcolm who measured the course. Pete Ellis although not able to race was our inspiration to get the show on the road in the first place. Videos and photos are being sorted out as I write.

Dan's pics are here (also via the Club photo gallery) and here's a link to a short video of the start. Marcus has more video which we'll make available if possible through the site.

A blizzard of stats is building up on the Bart's Bash site www.bartsbash.co.uk so go and have a look for yourself. Provisional results are due on Monday to be confirmed about a week later, together with, hopefully, a World Record.

Marcus Flint
Commodore ASC

And a word about our Cadet hero:

Just to add a note on the ‘Aldenham-away-from-home’ front, Tom Collyer won the Cadet Class Bart’s Bash race at the Cadet Inland Championships. They had 54 boats on the water. He finished 2nd overall in the Inlands. Picture attached of him with his new crew, Cara Bland


Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 19:16
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RYA Training Centre and Volvo Champion Club

Aldenham Sailing Club is a recognised RYA training centre and Volvo Champion Club. This means that we offer training to national standards and in a similar way to other centres. We also put allot of effort into developing the sailing of young people in the club.


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