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Aldenham Sailing Club is a small friendly dinghy racing sailing club near Watford. Within easy reach of Hertfordshire and North London our main interest is to provide facilities and lively competition for our members. We also welcome and provide training for those new to sailing.

Updated Racing Results

Spring 2, Laser Owl, Enterprise Cup, Wednesday Series

Updated for Wednesday 20th May, thanks Kelvin for emailing the sheet. Previous week's results await.


Sunday 17th May - a Club day with personal handicap racing in perfect weather which regular and occasional sailors enjoyed

Sunday 10th May - a great day for sailing with a good breeze, some difficult gusts and plenty of sun. There was quite a lot to do tonight to get the results out and I am now away for a week. If there are any mistakes please let me know but they will have to wait a week, along with the Wednesday evening results.


In addition to the Spring Series 2, in which it was good to see the handicap fleet coming out of hibernation, today saw the Enterprise Cup and the Laser Owl. Les Smith led the Ents across the finishing line twice, as did Steve Fischer for the Lasers. However there was fierce competition between the Laser competitors for 2nd place and a third race was held.

Laser Owl: Steve Fischer, Mike Wilcock, Colin Wright

Ent Cup: Les Smith and Neil Marcus; Hilgard Muller and Anthony Muller; Richard Jenkins single-handed.

The Wednesday evening series lost out to high winds but there was some sailing as Marcus describes:

As trees were touching their toes and waves were breaking over the Laser Lawn these photos show you don't need to waste a Wednesday night (nor a good boat) due to too much wind! At ten to seven as the wind was still blowing F5 and gusting up to F7/8 an ultimatum was given by the race crew to sail or they'd cancel. Five elected to take Picos out and made a feisty evening of it. Well done Les and Steve for remaining upright throughout; Marcus and Kelvin for showing the many different ways to capsize a Pico, and full marks to Neil for making it around the course despite having not helmed a boat for 2 years.  The most fun we didn't really expect to have!



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Last Updated on Thursday, 21 May 2015 20:45
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Aldenham Sailing Club provides training for Club members and over the years has helped many people, young and not so young, to develop their sailing skills.



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